Below is a list of great sites to do with musical theatre, They include sites where you can purchase Musical Theatre items, or chat away. - The Showbiz shop, an ideal place to purchase cd's and other   items to do with musical theatre, you can also chat away to other musical theatre lovers.

Sunset Boulevard Page - A link to the brand new Boulevard site, dedicated totally to the Andrew Lloyd Webber show.

Les Miserables (Official Web Site) - The official website for the long running musical

Children of Eden Page - A good site containing information about this wonderful show, you can take a look at other roductions of the show, and download the original script.
You can see our pictures on this site.

Josef Weinberger - If you are looking to perform a show, this is the site for you, view their on line catalogue.

Stephen Schwartz Unofficial Website - A good look at the musicals of Stephen Schwartz, including C of E, and Pippin.

Miss Saigon Homepage - A link to the official page for Miss Saigon.

National Operatic and Dramatic Accociation (NODA) - Visit the web site for this wonderful service to theatre
Am Dram - A site devoted totally to Amateur Theatre
The Abbey Players - An Amateur Dramatic Group from Swansea