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Rhiannon Griffiths - Producer
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Rhiannon Griffiths

Lauren Elias
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Ivor Probert
Soundbase UK
Soundbase UK

Soundbase UK
Edwina Roberts
Edwina Roberts

Ivor Probert
Giovanna Webber
Ivor Probert - Stage Manager
Ivor has been Stage Manager with the group since April 2001 when we staged 'Showstoppers 2001', he has proven himself as a very professional stage manager, and designer. Along with the production team Ivor designs and builds all the societies sets inclusive of special effects such as Jekylls Laboratory and the barracade for Les Miserables.  He rises to all challenges set to him, which is probably a skill he learned as Scout Leader a position he held for many years.
Ivor also enjoyed performing on stage in his younger days, but in a slightly different format, he was a very popular DJ for a number of years. We are lucky to have Ivor on our team.

Senior Section
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Musical Director
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Lauren Elias
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